Some Gun Control May Be Necessary

In 2nd amendment, gun control, police, Uncategorized on December 19, 2012 at 7:20 pm

I am not an avid gun collector or hunter, but I do expect the 2nd Amendment to protect my rights as a citizen to be able to protect my family, myself and my property. In light of the recent shooting in Connecticut, I have given much thought to the current status of the laws regarding gun shows. I feel that if I go to a gun store to buy a firearm and have to stand around for an hour while they do a background check on me, people purchasing firearms at a gun show should have to undergo the same process. No one should be permitted to buy a gun, in my opinion, without the seller knowing he or she is not selling to a felon or a nut job.

Having said that, I do not want to see a ban on assault weapons or any other weapons, for that matter. The current problems in this country that cause mass shootings in schools and shopping malls is not the availability of guns to the general population, but rather it’s a mental health issue.

Once we begin to enforce the current laws on the books, we need to make every effort to get unstable and mentally ill people the help and/or confinement they need in order to protect the general population. It seems that in most cases, someone somewhere has picked up signs that the shooter was in serious need of some mental intervention.

And another thing……. for any of us who have been to court, whether a juvenile court or felony court and especially family court, you have to go through metal detectors. I personally would like to see the same thing at shopping malls.  Each entrance should be equipped with a metal detector and an armed security guard or police officer. If you want to enter with a firearm, you would have to produce your badge and ID or your concealed carry permit. Otherwise, you go to jail for CCW (carrying a concealed weapon).

Our country is changing. Our population is changing. Maybe it’s time some other things change as well. Most changes needed would not halt our freedom of movement, just slow it down a tad.

Just my opinions.


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